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Five Denials of the Human Brain

Generations of human experience have taught us that there are five universally proven principles to success, happiness, and leadership effectiveness. However, most of us not only forget, but also flagrantly violate them in our daily interactions with people. We are quick to criticize others when they fail to follow the principles.  Yet, when we ourselves are faced with situations that need their application, the brain conveniently goes into denial, and most of us default to the exact opposite negative behaviors. 

Five Denials of the Human Brain is a highly interactive keynote or workshop focussed on helping participants uncover and apply the principles to achieving success, happiness and overall leadership efficiency. A key feature of the workshop includes guiding participants to recognise the brain’s default mode and how to consciously transition from negative ‘default’ tendencies both when leading self and managing others. The workshop is suitable for senior executives that manage large teams or organizations, and high potential mid-level executives. 


As a result of attending, participants will be better able to: 

  • Acknowledge and understand the five principles of long-lasting happiness, success and leadership

  • Recognize how, when and why the brain goes into denial, and initiates negative behaviours 

  • Gain insight into new approaches for maximising performance and motivation

  • Engage in deep personal reflection to re-wire the brain

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