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Redefining the Way We Move!

I started out as a banker and currency trader. Back then, the bank I worked for would add young recruits to the trading floor only to find that they were unsuitable for the high-speed, high-pressure environment. To ensure better success with recruiting, I led a team to create a computer-based simulation – these were pre-internet days when not every desk had a computer – to train people on the art and math of trading. We would put them through a week-long trading game and see who performed well. The program became a global hit and even received an award for solving a recruiting problem in a non-traditional way.

What started out as a hobby project led me to switch careers from trading to talent development. Finding innovative solutions for unsolved problems became a passion. I have since redefined leadership, governance, and sustainability, and continue to challenge conventional wisdom. It has been three decades since the switch and I am still having fun.




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